The Macomb Intermediate School District Teacher Leader Program is designed to identify and develop teacher leaders in the K-12 school buildings within the county.The MISD teacher leader program is designed to develop teacher leader skills to improve learning for the school community that includes students, parents, and staff.

What Is Teacher Leadership?

“The term teacher leadership refers to that set of skills demonstrated by teachers who continue to teach students but also have an influence that extends beyond their own classrooms to others within their own school and elsewhere. It entails mobilizing and energizing others with the goal of improving the school’s performance of its critical responsibilities related to teaching and learning. Mobilizing and energizing does not occur because of the role of the leader as boss (as might be the case with a principal), but rather because the individual is informed and persuasive. Therefore, an important characteristic of a teacher leader is expertise and skill in engaging others in complex work. It also entails an unwavering passion for the core mission of the school and the courage to confront obstacles to achieving that mission" (p.12)

Danielson, C. (2006). Teacher leadership that strengthens professional practice. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

MISD Teacher Leader Model

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